Lunch Policies were revised in August 2015. In addition to the information below, additional details can be found in the student handbook. For specific questions or additional information, contact:

Livia Segraves
Lunchroom Manager
Heard County Elementary School
4647 Pea Ridge Road
Franklin, GA 30217

Melissa Van Norden
School District Nutrition Director
Heard County Board of Education
131 East Court Square
Franklin, GA 30217

Price List
Student BreakfastFREE
Student Lunch$ 2.25
Student Reduced Price BreakfastFREE
Student Reduced Price Lunch$ 0.40
Adult Faculty/Staff Breakfast$ 1.75
Adult Faculty/Staff Lunch$ 3.25
Visiting Adult or Child Breakfast$ 2.00
Visiting Adult or Child Lunch$ 4.00
Extra Milk$ 0.50

Payments for School Lunches

Lunch Payments can be made by sending payment in a sealed envelope. To be sure accounts are properly credited, payments made by sealed envelope should include the following information on the outside of the envelope:
(a) child’s name
(b) lunch account number
(c) teacher’s name
(d) how much money is included 

Don’t worry if you don’t know your child’s number. We can look up the account number as long as you include the first and last name and teacher’s name.

Payment envelopes should be placed in the locked collection box just outside the cafeteria doors. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE MONEY FOR SNACKS OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SCHOOL MEALS. The cafeteria keeps very limited cash and cannot give cash back from a check.

Parent Day

We look forward to your visit to eat with our students on Parent Day. Please remember that your meal will cost $4.00. Any children that you bring with you that are not enrolled in our school will also pay $4.00 for their meal.

Please bring exact change or small bills on Parent Day. The lunchroom does not operate with a large cash fund and may not have enough change to make change for large bills.

Free/Reduced Meals

Even if your child received free or reduced meals last year, you must reapply every school year. The guidelines change so if you did not qualify last school year, you might qualify this year. Please reapply to see if you qualify. If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Livia Segraves at 706-675-3687.

New students applying for free and reduced lunches must pay full price for meals until the application is approved.

Accommodations for Special Dietary Needs

We want to work with you when your child has special dietary needs. Because of strict guidelines we must follow, we cannot leave off anything or add anything to a child’s meal simply at the request of a parent or guardian. This can only be done at a physicians request in writing stating the student is allergic (not just intolerant) to the particular food.

We are required to have on hand an official notice from a physician if we need to change something on a child’s plate other that what is being served. These notices must be updated each school year or as the child’s nutritional needs change.

Please be sure to provide the school nurse with a copy of these notices also.

Heard County Policy on Charged Meals (updated August 2015)

It is the responsibility of the student to pay for the meal at the point of service unless the student is approved for free meals. In certain situations a student may need to charge a meal. Elementary and middle school students are allowed three meal charges. Students enrolled in high school and adults are not allowed to charge meals through the food service program.

The following procedure will be implemented concerning elementary and middle school charges:
  • Every effort should be made to be discreet and not to embarrass any child who does not have money for school meals.
  • Each school nutrition manager will be responsible for seeing that this charge regulation is enforced.
  • Letters will be send to parents on a weekly basis advising parents that their child owes money. The parent will be asked to send money for the charged meals as well as money to pay for meals for the rest of the week. Managers may email or send letters to parents who owe money.
  • If the manager does not receive a response from the parent, the manager will attempt to call the parent. If the manager cannot reach the parent by phone, the manager will send a letter through U S Mail. In this letter, the parent will be notified that arrangements for payment of meal charges must be made immediately. A free/reduced meal application will also be sent home.
The homeroom teacher will be given a list of students with meal charges. Until the charges are paid, all money sent for snacks will be applied to meal charges. It is our hope that parents will not place their child in an unpleasant circumstances because of meal charges.

No charges will be allowed during the last two weeks of school.